Alternative Governing Structure

Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

August 30, 2017 Meeting Agenda

November 8, 2017 2:05 pm at KAHS

March 7, 2018 2:05 pm at KAHS

April 10, 2018 noon at KAHS kitchen


Kenai Alternative Governance Structure



The Kenai Alternative Governance Structure has replaced the traditional Site Council per KPBSD School Board Administration Regulation AR 0420 which states that a “request can be made to the Superintendent to consider a substitute process for gathering information and assisting with site decision making.” This structure was approved in 2009.

The Kenai Alternative Governance Structure is based on Kenai Alternative staff and community partners that include the following organizations:

Kenai Police Department, Kenai Food Pantry, Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, Soldotna United Methodists Church, Kenai Food Bank, Department of Juvenile Justice, Kenai United Methodists, and the Lions Clubs.


On a regularly scheduled basis, the staff meets with representatives from the above agencies and organizations in order to gather information and assist with site decisions related to the education of our students in academic, social/emotional, and vocational realms. We are in a constant state of adjusting our program using the recommendations of these community partners for the increased success of our student population.

Parents and students are invited and made aware of the meeting date and times. Their input is taken very seriously. Our student and parent participation has been very limited due to the typically short stay students are with the Kenai Alternative program. We have found that our Governing Structure has been very effective.


Minutes are taken and are available for review on a limited basis because our small population could make for individual student identification.