Meeting Minutes

Kenai Alternative High School

705 N. Frontage Rd Suite C

Kenai, Alaska 99611



KAHS Alternative Governing Structure Minutes


Meeting Date: 8/30/2017

Time: 2:05 pm

Location: KAHS Kitchen


Mr. Dusek addressed the group. He shared the district’s plan for moving forward with Personalized Learning. He thanked the group for their hard work and dedication to our community youth. Mr. Dusek also reminded the group to get out and vote in the up and coming election.


Mr. Reese shared with the group the up and coming community events that are associated with KAHS. He thanked all that would be participating and helping with these and shared their purpose.


Mr. Reese shared the grants that KAHS had been awarded and how the funds would be allocated.


Lindsey Reese, representative from the Kenai Food Pantry, and community partner of KAHS, shared with the group the number of families and student aged individuals had been served by this organization. Mr. Reese shared with the group how KAHS helps the KFP and vise-versa.


Mr. Reese shared with the group the current student enrollment and where the school was with numbers in early August. He projected that the school would see an increase in numbers during the Fall months.


The group was given information on the partnerships between ABC Charter, Boys and Girls Club, and KAHS. It was shared that the groups would be sharing a new kiln that had been purchased. Previously, all ceramic pieces had been transported to KCHS for firing.


Mr. Reese shared with the group that KAHS was part of wave 3 of Personalized Learning. He gave examples of how the teachers are currently implementing Personalized Learning.


Mr. Reese ended the meeting by thanking Mr. Dusek, parents, students, and community members for attending.


Meeting Minutes for 11-8-2017

Location: KAHS Kitchen

Time: 2:05 pm


Mr. Reese shared information about the up and coming school event.   He shared the planning stages the school is in with its students and final preparations that still needed to be made.


Mr. Reese shared the school would be conducting an ALICE practice drill in December.  The drill would take place with the assistance of KPD.


Mr. Reese shared information about a generous donation made by the Kenai Home Depot.  Students were given gift bags that contained socks, gloves, candy, and employment reference cards for Home Depot.

Mr. Reese shared KAHS was working with ABC to add additional security cameras to the outside of the main building.  Progress of this would be updated at a later meeting.

Mr. Reese updated the student enrollment and graduation numbers to date.  Mr. Reese ended the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.


Meeting Minutes for March 7, 2018

Location: KAHS

Time: 2:05 pm


Mr. Reese opened the meeting by sharing what the school would be sharing at the upcoming month’s board meeting.  He shared that the students would be heavily participating in the presentation.


Mr. Reese shared that the school was considering a field trip to AVTEC for the spring.  It was discussed that many of the students attending KALT during this spring shared an interest in learning more about the program.

Mr. Reese updated the group and shared that 5 more students were graduating during Rotation 4.  He also shared that the 5th rotation schedule had been set and that the school expected 5 new additional students for the last rotation of the year.

Mr. Reese ended the meeting by reminding the group of the final meeting for the year.  It was scheduled for April 10 during lunch.  He said it would be conducted with a lunch provided by the school’s cooking class.